The Artist

Shot this portrait today of local painter Michael McGuinness, and enjoyed an all too brief but  interesting conversation about portraits and the people in them.  Always a treat to work with artists and other creative people.  Thanks Michael.

Michael McGuinness, Artist.

Michael McGuinness, Artist.



Shooting a lot of video at the minute, and really enjoying the process, 24 photographs per second, and especially the collaborations with talented people. Here’s a video frame grab of the lovely Bronagh Waugh, from a scene yesterday with the Bensons at Flowerfield Arts Centre in Portstewart..

Bronagh Waugh


Local Author, Director, and self confessed Film Noir fan, Philip Henry, pictured at his home in Portstewart today.  His upcoming film ‘Noirland’,  all to be filmed in the Coleraine area,  is currently in the early stages of production, with shooting due to start this April. You can make a donation to the funding of the film, by clicking over to the Sponsume page here.  (edit: Updated photo.. My good friend Mark reminded me that I can PShop  pics for my blog,  theyre not in the paper!)



Forgot about today

Didnt venture anywhere with a camera today. Shoulder is banjaxed, taking it easy. Had a trawl through my hard drives, and found this snap of the late Seamus Loughrey at work on the beach.  Everyone still misses him, hardly a day goes by someone doesn’t mention him to me. Hope you’re happy up there mate.


Professor Robert Welch

University of Ulster Coleraine 25/9/12.  Author, Professor Bob Welch, launches his new book, ‘Kicking The Black Mamba: Life, Alcohol And Death’, at the University of Ulster, Coleraine on Tuesday 25th September 2012.      (for further information. )  I only shot two frames.. But  I felt this one worked.