Tall Ships 2015

Tall Ships race 2015 begin the next leg of their journey leaving the North Coast of Ireland on their way to Norway. Incredible sight.

TallShips_2015_116_DxOFP2 TallShips_2015_090_DxOFP TallShips_2015_053_DxOFP


Doherty Cup Final

Young players from Millburn and St Colums Primary Schools line up prior to the kick off at the Showgrounds Coleraine on Thursday 30/4/2015, ready to play in the final of the Doherty Cup . The event is a big part of the local schools sporting calendar, with huge crowds attending to lend their support. The same schools made it to the final last year, ending in a draw and having to share the cup.







St Colums PS, Winners of the Doherty Cup, 2015.



Munich Air Disaster

56 years today, since the crash at Munich airport that claimed the lives of  23 passengers.  This is a file picture I shot back in 2007, of Manchester United legends, Harry Gregg and Albert Scanlon (who has since passed away), reflecting on a photograph taken during their 1958 5-4 win over Arsenal. The game was the last that the Manchester United side would play in England, before the February 6th air crash in Munich that claimed 23 lives, including 8 of their team mates.


Commander Hadfield

My first post of 2014.  Got sent along by Tourism Ireland to photograph former International Space Station commander, Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield yesterday. He’s in Ireland to promote tourism here, filming  a series of three short films on local attractions and sporting culture.  Hard to believe I used to watch and photograph him and the crew of the ISS flying through space, and here he is, standing in the rain, four feet from my lens. One of the few famous people I’ve met over the years, that I think really deserves to be famous.