Doherty Cup Final

Young players from Millburn and St Colums Primary Schools line up prior to the kick off at the Showgrounds Coleraine on Thursday 30/4/2015, ready to play in the final of the Doherty Cup . The event is a big part of the local schools sporting calendar, with huge crowds attending to lend their support. The same schools made it to the final last year, ending in a draw and having to share the cup.







St Colums PS, Winners of the Doherty Cup, 2015.




Malcolm Brodie

Malcolm Brodie died today, a legend in sports journalism. I snapped this photo back in 2007. I’d cheekily arranged them in front of the ‘waiter service’ sign, as they looked like they were ready to serve drinks, standing around in the bar. Brodie (2nd from right) was the only one of them who noticed. He looked at the sign, and gave me a wink.  (included are former UTV sports editor, Adrian Logan, former IFA President Jim Boyce and former N.Ireland Manager, Billy Bingham)


N.Ireland Milk Cup

Apart from the opening parade on Sunday, I’ve not been shooting any Milk Cup Action this year at all. Went out this morning, though, for a job on one of the pitches, and took along my new Canon 7D to try out the AF. All in all, quite pleased. It will take a bit of tweaking and figuring out, but so far so good.  (Cruz Azul, Mexico. Vs  Dundalk, Ireland.)

Doherty Cup

What a fantastic event. The Doherty Cup final is the highlight of the local primary school league. The showgrounds are packed out and the atmosphere is always fantastic. To see the kids celebrate their win, is as much fun as any cup final. Well done Millburn, and bad luck to Hezlett, who put up a great fight.